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Earlier this summer I came across Guilt Free on Facebook. They’re a Korean bakery dedicated to butter, milk, sugar, egg, and white flour free baking. Not all of their products are %100 gluten free but they do have a good selection that are both vegan and celiac friendly. Weee! I’ve been so busy wrapping up work and organizing my summer trip home that this post has been put on the back burner. But, I’m writing it now so better late than never!

Guilt Free doesn’t quite have English descriptions on their site yet, although they said they’re working on getting it up soon. So, instead I messaged them on Facebook and asked them to confirm if they have products that are %100 vegan and gluten free (no barley, malt or added syrups.) They got back to me insanely fast and in perfect English, apologizing for lack of information on the site. They also told me they have a selection of products available on Store Farm (link here) that are vegan and celiac friendly. For gluten free options just click on 글루텐프리. I ordered one set of everything because… Duh!

Most of their baked goods come in sets of 3 but cookies come in sets of 4. I got: Chocolate Donuts, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Peanut Butter Blondies.


Shipments usually come three days after ordering. I love their packaging!


Like Christmas morning~ <3



The donuts had a nice chocolate flavour and weren’t too sweet which I appreciate. I prefer my baked goods with a solid amount of moisture but they were very dry. Tasty but they almost seemed like more of a healthy snack than like a dessert or treat. Still, they’re vegan and gluten free and for that I give them 7/10!



What comes to mind when I think of a blondie is the blonde version of a brownie. Basically a brownie minus the cocoa. However, these were quite dense and cake like with almost a thick sponge-like texture. Nowhere near a brownie’s texture but not entirely bad. They were also not sweet whatsoever. It was almost like eating a traditional unsweetened rice cake than a brownie. I loved the texture of the crunchy nuts on these but they were quite bland. 5/10.



And lastly, cookies! Their gluten free cookies are not available on Store Farm but they were kind enough to send me these as well. (The cookies they do have on the site are NOT gluten free – they’re made with whole wheat flour.) Anyway, the gluten free version of their cookies were my absolute favourite and I would order them again %100. They’re crisp, flavourful, and buttery (sans butter of course.) Not too sweet but full of flavour with little bursts of chocolate. I ate three of them in one sitting they were so good! My mouth is watering just thinking about them. 10/10!


As I said before, you can order Guilt Free goods online from Store Farm. Unfortunately the site for now is only in Korean but it’s not too hard to navigate if you can read hangul. Right now they only have the donuts and blondies available online for gluten free goods, but they have plenty more vegan options available and they look delicious.

They also include a menu with your order so you can check out some of their other products.



Guilt Free has absolutely amazing customer service. They were so friendly and accommodating from my initial message all the way through to me confirming I’d received my order. I’m beyond excited about new products that are %100 vegan and gluten free and I will definitely be ordering from them again.

Thank you Guilt Free! <3

Erin xo

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