Gluten Free in Seoul: The Nilk Factory

I was alerted to the fact that there’s a new cafe in Apgujeong the other day.. It was under the pre-tense that it was a vegan and gluten free cafe serving cakes and lunch and of course coffee. What?!?! For obvious reasons we quickly went to investigate. Nilk Factory is just off Garosugil and not difficult to find. I’ve learned to be overly cautious when it comes to gluten free baked goods in Korea, so upon arriving we naturally asked multiple times if it was %100 gluten free and that everything was vegan. You can never be too careful! They assured us it was, so we ordered two slices of cake to share as well as one almond milk latte and one chocolate almond milk. Unfortunately not long after we went to Nilk we found out that everything is not vegan, including the cakes! It pains me to write about it but I wanted to share anyway for all those simply looking for more gluten free options 🙂


The chocolate cake is really just a stack of cookies layered with cream. It looks delicious though, doesn’t it? We puzzled over how they made the cream since it tasted so authentic and upon later finding out that it was just cream made perfect sense. The cookie pieces were verryyy rich and chewy and moist and sweet. We were told that they do use white sugar in their cakes so it was quite sweet and rich. Coupled with the cream, the chocolate cake was over the top decadent. So much so that we couldn’t even finish it!


The carrot cake was better in my opinion but my friend preferred chocolate so there you go. I’m actually not really a fan of chocolate flavoured things (cake, ice cream etc.) but of course I will never say no to the real thing. This cake was less sweet and as you can see, packed full of bright orange carrot. The pieces of carrot were a bit too obnoxious at times and could have been toned down but if you like your carrot cake because of the carrots then this one may be a winner! 🙂 The cake part itself seemed like it was baked as one whole piece and then sliced as opposed to being baked as cookies. The cake was almost too moist and had a different flavour from what I’m used to, but we found out later they do use eggs and almond flour in their cakes so that might explain it. It was also very creamy and super decadent!


The highlight of Nilk for me was the latte. Made with almond milk and served in a glass it was really flavourful and creamy and thick and just so so good! It reminded me of the almond milk lattes I used to get from my favourite coffee shop in Toronto. Shout out to Sense Appeal! I’m no coffee snob but it was seriously delicious and I may go out of my way to have many more. The almond milk used at Nilk is house made which I am sure lent to the creaminess of it. They also house make other goods like nut butters and date syrup. Yum!

To elaborate on what I mentioned earlier, we were later informed (thanks to an amazing fellow instagrammer!) that the only thing currently vegan at Nilk is the drinks, however they do plan to bake up more vegan goods in the future. Yay! For the time being though, you can still enjoy all the various dairy-free coffee drinks, house made almond milk, nut butters and their date syrup which I may pick up on my next visit.


For everyone solely gluten free, you can enjoy everything including all of the baked goods, hurray! Nilk is located on the west side of Garosugil here, out of Sinsa station exit 8.



Their address is Gangnam-gu, Gangnam-daero 162gil 32

You can also follow them on instagram @thenilkfactory

Erin xo


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