Gluten Free in Korea: Coupang Update!

I wrote a post about Coupang last year and since then the website has completely exploded with wayyyy more options! At the time three pages of products showed up when you searched for gluten free, now twenty-seven pages of product shows up. Seriously!! I regularly order from Coupang for baking supplies anyway, but I decided to splurge and place an order recently just for me.

I actually have to split two orders up into this post, because for my first order there was a lot that was sold out that I wanted to get, BUT I was able to get those on the second order and they are super super exciting things I wanted to review!

For my first order:


Vegan and gluten free goods, including cereal, bread sticks, ramen, pasta, graham crackers, bunny crackers, and marshmallows. Things worth mentioning:


I don’t know what I expected with these but they are very hard and similar to crackers. Most of them were broken (90%) when I received them. I wouldn’t order them again but I have tried other products from Schar and they were out of this world good! So I am definitely willing to try out other products from them.


I very very rarely eat cereal, but sometimes it’s fun to try some out. This is super healthy cereal that has no flavour aside from the chocolate coating on it which melts off into your milk. Pretty bland but wasn’t terrible if I had it with soy milk. Normally I would inhale something like this but I don’t really have any desire to go back for seconds.


These! I was expecting more like animal crackers which they weren’t but whatever they are they’re seriously yummy! Crunchy and sweet rice cookies. I ate the whole box in less than two days. Oops!


Tiger nuts are naturally gluten free but now that there is a ton of brands available online I want to try out as many as I can to see what I like best. These are organic and even though they’re not skinned they’re still really good! I’m looking for a brand that I can use to make tiger nut butter and these are definitely a contender. They also make for a quick and healthy snack.


Graham crackers! It’s been aagggeess since I’ve had graham crackers and I don’t think I’ve ever tried a gluten free version. These are really good!!


Vegan marshmallows (gluten free too!) These are soooo good I honestly gobbled up most of them just on their own.


I don’t eat pasta often but this was very cheap for gluten free pasta and I personally like rice noodles better than other gluten free versions (quinoa, and corn.) It’s very small penne but they have good bouncy texture albeit a little grainy.

And, for my second order! I ordered these once before and had to get them again! They are so so good! I don’t really use them as hamburger buns, I just love to eat them as toast and enjoy the taste of bread again! Toasted, they are soft and doughy just like a good bun should be. It’s unbelievable to me that it’s this easy to get gluten free bread here now. It makes me teary eyed with happiness.

I also grabbed the sandwich rolls, but since there’s only two in the pack there quite a bit pricier than the hamburger buns. Toasted these were also good. Much lighter than the hamburger buns and would be absolutely perfect for a sandwich! I will order Schar bread products again and again for as long as Coupang decides to sell them!

Here’s coupang’s website. Unfortunately there is no English option but if you can read Korean you should be able to navigate it.

Happy shopping,

Erin xo

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