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My friend Sunny just opened a new shop over in Guri. As she has a gluten allergy herself, all of her products are %100 gluten free and made in a gluten-free facility. A large portion of her baked goods are also vegan. She specialises in keto baking as well, which is super exciting for me because (aside from desserts obviously) I really prefer to eat as healthy as possible and as high protein high fat low carb as possible although that can be pretty tough sometimes on my mostly plant-based diet. Anyway gluten free is officially a trend here now but keto is whole other level! I’ve been eyeing up her website since she opened but hadn’t placed on order since everything comes in sets of course and I couldn’t decide what to get.

Problem solved! 😀  She sent me a sample box with one of each vegan and gluten free item and basically made my dessert dreams come true.

Clockwise from top right:

Carrot Muffin

Matcha Muffin

Vanilla Cinnamon Donut and Chocolate Donut (underneath)

Almond biscuit

Chocolate chip cookies

Carrot Donut and Matcha Donut (underneath)

Vanilla Cinnamon Muffin

Brownie Muffin

I started with the cookies and gobbled them up pretty quickly. I could tell right away that they’re very rich and made with quality, high protein ingredients. You can see the flakes of almond skin in the cookie which means it’s likely Sunny makes her own almond flour. The cookies are crisp on the edges, and chewy in the middle. They’re filled with bursts of (what I’m assuming) is sea salt and dotted with chocolate chips throughout. Although they’re pretty fragile and unfortunately broke quite a bit during shipping, they were very good. I inhaled them! I appreciate when a cookie is yummy AND satisfying!

Next up, Matcha Muffin! I have actually never had Matcha anything (aside from what I’ve made) since being diagnosed with a gluten allergy. It’s hard to find and even harder to find a vegan version, so I was beyond excited to see Sunny making these. It was the first thing I wanted to eat but I was too distracted by the cookies! Unfortunately though the muffin was pretty hard, dense, and dry* It did have a slight matcha flavour but it was almost difficult to eat as it was just too dense and dry. I slathered it with vegan cream cheese though which made it a lot better! It is winter now and I understand that shipping baked goods overnight causes them to dry out in this cold weather. So, I think it’s safe to assume that it would be much better fresh.

*UPDATE: Sunny has updated her recipe for this since and it’s improved a lot ^^

Next up, carrot donut. This was much more moist than the muffin and way better in my opinion. Very mild and not too sweet or spicy. Still slightly on the dry side so I also ate it with cream cheese but overall it was amazing! I would have this again anytime!

Here’s the chocolate donut in hand to give you a size comparison. I ate this next and it wasn’t too bad. A bit dry though. The flavours from the donuts and muffins are very similar to one another and so are the textures. The almond biscuit was a little bland but from what I could tell it was mostly almond flour, so again it would be much better with spread of some kind on it.

My favourite out of everything was the Carrot Muffin, followed by the Brownie Muffin, and then the cookies. I had the carrot muffin the day after the box arrived (that would be two days after it was baked) and it was still so moist and delicious! The wrapped came off cleanly from the muffin and it was so moist and flavourful and satisfying. The Brownie Muffin had a similar texture in that it was dense and rich but still moist! I highly highly recommend these two if you’re going to order and I will most definitely be getting them again. I bet they are even more delicious if bought from the bakery itself!

Although I’ve never baked keto, I can imagine it’s quite difficult especially on top of vegan and gluten free. Sunny’s done a great job providing keto baked goods that I’ve never experienced anywhere else in Korea – if you know of any others please let me know! I love that her desserts are not too sweet and the flavours I enjoyed (carrot and brownie) were moist and satisfying. And best of all, I didn’t experience any crazy crashes or headaches as I usually do when I eat high carb desserts. I actually felt full of energy and pretty amazing which is a sure sign for me that what I’m putting into my body is quality.

You can order through the website: or go into the bakery yourself! Sunny speaks excellent English and I’m sure can answer any questions you might have about her bakery. All of her contact information is listed on the website, but the address in English is:

Gyeonggi-do, Guri-si, Kyungchun-ro 276 beongil 38

Erin xo

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