Pan Honesta Review!

Another new bakery! I discovered Pan Honesta on instagram. Allll of their baked goods are advertised as being vegan and gluten free (no eggs, dairy, wheat flour, sugar, etc.) I’ve been fooled before so I can’t say I wasn’t suspicious but I made the trek out to their Seodaemun location and spoke with them. They assured me that they use Almond Breeze (fine) coconut sugar (fine) and rice flour so everything is %100 gluten free (fine!)

Since everything adheres to the same standard (vegan and gluten free) I was also less concerned about cross contamination. I picked up a couple of flavours of each item: Red Velvet Muffin, Earl Grey Muffin, Pumpkin Scone, Black Sesame Scone, Matcha Rice Brownie, and Chocolate Rice Brownie.


I love all the colours! So pretty. All of the desserts range from 2 – 4,000won each.


First impressions: as most healthy desserts I’ve tried here, they seemed to be quite dense and dry. The muffins are heavy which is never a good sign but they were surprisingly moist!

The Earl Grey muffin did indeed taste like tea (you can see the flakes of it in the muffin) but otherwise was a bit bland. It was moist though and had a good texture overall. It was much much better with a smear of vegan cream cheese and although I’m all out right now would be even better with jam and cream cheese 🙂

The Red Velvet muffin is not Red Velvet flavoured. Sorry Pan Honesta! It’s actually berry flavoured and even though you can see small bits of berry in the muffin, the overall flavour was pretty artificial.

The scones were filled with flaked coconut (not to be confused with coconut flour..) The muffins were also made with flaked coconut but not quite as much. I love all things coconut except fresh coconut (something about the feel of it between your teeth really bothers me) but having said that I still enjoyed the scones even with it. The Black Sesame was much better than the Pumpkin in my opinion. And, as will all scones they would be very good with some jam.

The rice brownies are not like any brownie I have ever had – if anything the outside is brownie like but the inside is something like a thick.. baked.. mousse? It is super creamy and decadent and very very rich. The chocolate one is also very sweet and intensely flavoured. I ate mine pretty fast trying to figure out how they made the centre without dairy, but it would probably last a normal person a lot longer! 🙂

I loved the chocolate flavour but matcha unfortunately I couldn’t eat. It was so intense and extremely bitter. Maybe okay for matcha aficionados but it wasn’t for me!

The bakery isn’t hard to find but there isn’t any signage so keep an eye out for the building that looks like this!

It’s a very modest little space but there is a table so you can sit down and enjoy your treats there if you’d like.


The address in English is:

717-31, Yeonhui-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul.

The hours listed on their instagram are Wednesday – Saturday 2-8, Sunday 12-4 (closed Monday and Tuesday)

There’s a few ways to get there but I took Line 3 to Hongje Station, exit 4 and bus #7713 to Yeonhui Underground Driveway (not sure if that’s the exact translation that but it’s Yeonhui Jihachado 연희지하차도)

If you try Pan Honesta out, let me know what you think!

Until next time,

Erin xo

2 comments on “Pan Honesta Review!

  1. Wow this is great to hear! I’ve been experimentally a lot this past year with all the different kinds of gluten free flours here in Korea, though I’m not sure they don’t have cross contamination (perilla seed, potato starch, mung bean, rice flours, etc) I love the Korean Orga brand. I didn’t even know that Korea had any kind of gluten free awareness. I’m in Daegu. We have chatted on Instagram before.

    • Hi Jasmin! I agree, it can be so difficult! These days I order ingredients online mostly just to be safe. I have heard that the companies that make rice products usually stick only to rice so they’re safer but other flours (like buckwheat etc.) have a higher risk of cross contamination. For me, the flour from Orga is great! But when I’m baking for others I use what I buy online so it’s %100 certified gluten free. I used to live in Daegu! How do you like it there? 🙂

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