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So, I recently had the brilliant idea to stock up on chocolate before it gets too hot to ship it. I haven’t ordered from Vitacost before because of the cost of shipping, BUT I found out I can get No Whey products from them and the rest is history. (No Whey for those that don’t know is an amazzinnng allergen friendly chocolate company that makes vegan and gluten free chocolate.)

I ordered on March 15th, and everything was shipped on Mar. 16th. As of Mar. 21st, it had left the US. Unfortunately from here, I was unable to track it and had no idea where the package was until April 3rd when it arrived in Korea. After checking the updated tracking afterward, I found out it had gone from the US to Germany and spent a good chunk of time there before coming to Korea.

Anyway I did receive it so that’s all that matters! My plan was foiled though and all of the chocolate had melted. The only one that stayed somewhat intact was the Sweet Chocolate Dream. My plan was foiled also because I’d waited so long that by the time my order came I ate it all in about three days. I’ll let that be my excuse πŸ™‚ So much for stocking up for the summer!

All of the No Whey products were amazing, as always. My favourite by far are the Pea Not Cups – obviously similar to Peanut Butter Cups, except they don’t contain nuts, soy, dairy products, or gluten. They are so good!

This was also the first time I’ve had Sweet Chocolate Dream and I was blown away by it! It is by far the best vegan milk chocolate I’ve had. So creamy and rich. Definitely will be ordering it again!

I also ordered a few other things, such as Macro Bars, which I love:

I used to treat myself to these all the time back in Canada. So yummy! I also got some kombucha, which as far as I’ve been able to find is the only company that will ship it to Korea. This brand is also one that I had all the time in Canada and is always good! My favourite flavour is grape but they don’t offer it on Vitacost. They packed it up so well and I was really impressed that it made it so far without so much as a dent in the can.

I also ordered some Dandie’s marshmallows which I don’t have a picture of… πŸ™‚

If you can handle paying for shipping (about 10 dollars up until a certain weight, and continues to go up from there) and also waiting a while for your order without being able to see where it is (this kind of freaks me out) then Vitacost is definitely an option. It’s the only company that ships No Whey to Korea that I’ve found (and I’ve checked a few!) So, I will order from them again but perhaps only in colder months. They also send a lot of coupon offers by email so I may take advantage of those later!

Check them out here.

Happy shopping~

Erin xo


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