Gluten-Free Bakeries in Seoul: My Top Picks!

So, there are a number of reasons why I haven’t written about this before but the main one is that %100 gluten free places just have never existed in Korea. Now, I can officially say there are… A couple. Which is better than none, so I’m not complaining – don’t take this the wrong way! Due to the lack of fully gluten free cafes/bakeries etc. most of this list will be of places of business that simply offer gluten-free options.

I’m currently planning a weekend away in Hong Kong and I am so blown away by all the gluten free and vegan options. Vegan and gluten free pizza, grocery stores, waffles, ice cream, pasta, wraps, cheese, chocolate… So much good food awaits me and I seriously can’t wait. Hong Kong is miles ahead of Korea in terms of gluten free and allergy friendly food, and I haven’t even been there yet. I get asked about what places I recommend in Seoul all the time and researching my Hong Kong trip really made me realise just how hard it can be to find info.

Having said that, I will share what Korea currently offers!

1.Sunny GF Sweets

Sunny’s specializes in gluten free and keto desserts which means that EVERYTHING she makes is gluten-free and made in a gluten-free facility. A really new concept in Korea and something I and many others no doubt appreciate! Sunny’s desserts are healthy and delicious – check out my full review here. Sunny’s has an online shop and store so you can get baked goods delivered if you can’t make it out to their Guri location. My favourites include the chocolate and carrot muffins! Note: not all things are vegan but she has a lot of vegan options.


PPURI is a bakery/cafe that (last I checked) hosts dinners on occasion. They specialize in macrobiotic food, and their desserts are all vegan and gluten free as well but do be sure to double check. The couple that owns it speaks English well and since the ingredients in their baked goods have changed over time, it’s best to ask just to be sure. PPURI’s cakes are also refined sugar free making them much healthier than your average cake! My all time favourite of theirs (and favourite in Korea!) is the Plain Brown Rice cake, although some of my friends prefer the chocolate which is also amazing!

3. Plant

Every vegan in Korea knows about Plant and you’ve likely come across them if you’re researching vegan options, but Plant does offer some gluten free options as well, for main course and desserts. Be aware that everything is made in the same space and shares the same ovens. Most of the time they’re okay for me though, and my personal favourite are the peanut butter cookies which I always stop by for if I’m in the neighbourhood and lucky enough to get some before they sell out!

4. Oons Bakery

Oons is a cute and tiny bakery located in Itaewon, closest to Hannam station. Not everything they make is gluten-free but they always have at least a couple of gluten free options. The owner is so sweet and speaks perfect English, so no worries about the language barrier if you’re visiting. She’s also suffered from food allergies which makes me feel a lot more at ease eating there. Check out my full review here. My personal favourite is the Banana Bread!


6. Guilt Free Bakery

Guilt Free is an online shop offering gluten free options. Their baked goods are white sugar, butter, egg, milk, and white-flour free! Check out my full review of them here. Be aware that Guilt Free, although yummy, makes more Korean style dessert which is healthy and also tastes quite healthy. However I do love their chocolate chip cookies and highly recommend them!

Also, some honourable mentions:

Pan Honesta: Gluten Free/Allergy friendly but very healthy/Korean style desserts.

Cafe Kyeri: Gluten Free options but everything contains dairy products so I personally haven’t tried it.

Erin xo

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