Vegan Festival Korea 2017

Just in case any of you were expecting to see me at Vegan Festival, I’m sorry! Applications closed early for this one so unfortunately I didn’t have my act together to have a booth this time around. To be honest though, it was a really nice break for me to just enjoy the festival. I never get the chance to actually look around or try the many food options, or support other booths. So, I decided this time I would take the opportunity to enjoy the festival and see what was available!

I was super hungry when I got there so first things first, I went straight to Sunny GF Sweets and grabbed a morning snack. She had peanut butter squares, donuts, muffins, and cookies, and more.

Not a great photo, but it was hot, things were melty, and I was starving 😛

This place (호미) claimed to have gluten free bread, so I asked about it (especially the oats because the loaves were topped with it) and the staff admitted that they’re actually not gluten free… Oh well.

Looking around I’m pretty sure there were less booths than the last VFK, and I really noticed a lot less savoury food. There were a lot of desserts and some things I haven’t seen there before like tea and tempeh. The pue’rh tea guy was back so I was happy to see that.

Not so much vegan savoury options means even less vegan and gluten free savoury options so there was really only one thing I could eat for lunch and that was Hai Miso. I’m so glad they were there!

Cookies from Huggers. These were gluten free so I grabbed two, but unfortunately I didn’t feel well afterward. It could have been from the amount of sugar in them but more likely they’re not %100 gluten free or were cross contaminated as everything Hugger’s makes in the same kitchen and most is not gluten free 🙁

Fall in Raw! I wanted to try something but I was looking forward to lunch and was going to head back afterward. I completely forgot about it! I wish I had a chance to try their stuff.

After munching on Sunny’s goods and grabbing a few other vegan and gluten free desserts to go, we had ice cream from Dalyang and then finally burgers.

Oh and Mogo also had a booth! I was on a strict self imposed budget so I didn’t get anything but I can’t wait to try their curry! I’ve had a few of their meal kits and they’re really good.

It was a beautiful day and perfect for enjoying some yummy food. The highlights for me were Sunny GF Sweets, Dalyang ice cream, and Hi (High?) Miso. For directions and more information, check out VFK’s Facebook page here.

Hopefully I see you at the next one! 😛

Erin xo

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