Hi, I’m Erin 🙂 After graduating with a Fine Arts degree, I shifted my focus to living abroad and travelling. I spent my first year in Korea living in Daegu; I’m now located in Seoul where I happily live, work, and of course play. I spend a lot of time baking and creating new recipes (and eating..) so I decided it was finally time to make a space to share it all! This blog is a much needed creative outlet for me, but I hope that it can also serve as a resource for those with the same preferences or restrictions. Growing up I learned how to bake from my mother and (thanks to her wisdom and my many hours spent with her in the kitchen) I feel comfortable altering recipes and adapting them to suit me. It’s been a journey but baking and sweets have always been a source of comfort for me and I hope to share that!

Why start this blog?

I’m allergic to both gluten and dairy, which can make life in Korea (and anywhere) a little challenging. Before I moved here I found little information about others living here gluten free, and so I really didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was baking at home is rare, and that finding vegan-gluten free food was going to be difficult. I wanted to start this blog as a way to share what I’ve learned so far and what I continue to learn about surviving here on a gluten and dairy free and (mostly vegan) diet.

Since starting the blog last fall, I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from my desserts and so I’m focusing a lot now on making and selling my cupcakes and other treats! Right now I sell at various markets and festivals in Seoul. I will do my best to post about where I’ll be but you can follow my facebook page for more up to date info. I also now have an order menu which you can check out on my facebook page if you’re interested in ordering! 🙂

What can you expect to see?

Food, recipes, tips and more! Eating is an extremely important aspect of Korean culture, and I cannot agree more. It is a source of joy for me and I hope to share that through recipes, reviews and tips for anyone living here with the same restrictions. I’m really fascinated by the power of social media, and already I’ve met so many amazing people since starting this journey. I’m always happy to talk about food so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or connect with me!


Much love,

Erin xo